Treasurer’s Office

Mission Statement

County Treasurer

The office of county treasurer was one of the foundational offices first created by the Texas Constitution in 1846, with its description being the Chief Custodian of Money Management. It is an important office for checks and balances of the millions of dollars of taxpayer’s monies that pass through county government


The office of County Treasurer was established by the Texas Constitution in 1846. Elected by voters, the Treasurer serves for four years. The County Treasurer is chief custodian of county finance, receiving all monies belonging to the county. As fiscal officer, the Treasurer invests all funds available in accordance with the Commissioners Court. 
The County Treasurer is responsible for: 
Receiving and accounting for all county monies 
Applying and disbursing monies as directed by the Commissioners 
Serving as liaison between the county and the depository bank 
Reconciling all bank statements 
Making monthly financial reports to the Commissioners

Val Verde County Treasurer

The Val Verde County Treasurer operates as the Chief Liaison between Val Verde County and the County's depository banks. In this capacity, the County Treasurer maintains records of all deposits and withdrawals; reconciles all bank statements; and assures the accuracy and safety of county funds. 
The Val Verde County Treasurer is required to submit regular reports to the Val Verde County Commissioners' Court for inspection and verification. The Treasurer's Office also provides financial research assistance to the various County Offices.
The primary duties of the Val Verde County Treasurer's Office, as with all county offices, is defined by the Texas Local Government Code. Depending on the size of the county, certain duties may be shared by an elected official, while other duties may be partitioned.