83rd District Court

Mission Statement
The 83rd Judicial District Court is positively committed to providing the citizens it serves with the reliable, fair, efficient and transparent justice their communities are entitled to.

This Court will be steadfast and unwavering in its pledge to ensure equal access to all, to be impartial and unbiased and to never discriminate or show favor based on race, gender or economic status. We are devoted to the principle that our country’s greatest strength is the promise of liberty and justice for all.

With a focus on achieving these goals and being faithful in realizing these promises we shall strive every day to provide outstanding judicial services by and through equipping those whose duty and responsibility it is to do so with the modern and necessary equipment, training and resources required to accomplish this invaluable task.

Within the confines of the 83rd Judicial District Court our mission is and will always be to guarantee the citizens of its district a dependable source of justice and an exceptional brand of service.
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