County Clerk

The Honorable Generosa (Janie) Gracia-Ramon, Val Verde County Clerk, is pleased to provide you access to its office and services by way of this website.

About the Clerk’s Office

The Office of the County Clerk has been in existence in Texas since 1836.  It is the office that is responsible for recording legal documents.  The Val Verde Clerk’s Office prides itself on its ability to preserve, restore, and protect much of the County’s history.  We are dedicated to seeking the latest in technological advancements for County Government.

The County Clerk’s office records legal document and this constitutes a major portion of the paperwork flowing through its office.  It also requires the greatest amount of storage space.  The Office also serves as the clerk for the County Commissioner’s Court, Probate Court, Civil Court, and County Court-At-law as well as providing services to all Justice of the Peace Courts.


Our primary goal is to provide our public with the best service its government can offer. We firmly believe that county government and accessibility go hand in hand and strive toward that objective in every effort. Our office continues to move forward with numerous projects that benefit the public and other county offices as efficiently as possible.


The office provides the following services:

  • Conducts countywide special and general elections
  • Issues beer licenses
  • Issues marriage licenses
  • Issues military discharge records
  • Records livestock brands

The office also conducts early voting for all elections. If you have any questions regarding elections, please email us.


The County Clerk is also the largest collector of fees, court costs and fines, more than any other branch of county government.


The County Clerk’s staff is composed of well trained, experienced, bonded and deputized clerk deputies in order to provide you rapid, excellent service.

Land Records

Val Verde County land records are available online for searching, viewing, printing and downloading.

Non-Disclosure Information and Orders

Please visit for Non-Disclosure Information and Orders.

Self-Help Resources

Please visit

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