Civil Online Filing

According to The Supreme Court of Texas, an order was signed adopting Texas Rule of Civil Procedure 21c and Amendments to Texas Rules of Civil Procedure 4, 21, 21a, and 502.1, Texas Rules of Appellate Procedure 6 and 9, and the Supreme court Order Directing the Form of the Appellate Record in Civil Cases to be effective January 1, 2016 for Val Verde County. This order mandates electronic filing in all Civil Courts and restricts us from accepting paper filing from any filer other than Pro Se filers. Please, click on the following link to learn more about electronic filing www.efiletexas.gov.. We will also be unable to accept any other type of electronic filing other than through EFileTexas.gov which includes any type of Fax Filing.

Filers must send e-docs in the right format

The state Supreme Court has mandated that e-files in civil and family cases be submitted in specific formats. The District Clerk’s Office also has its own requirements. 

When you attach each document for a filing:
  • Description field – enter the exact document title that is listed on your paper document
  • Security field – select the appropriate document type for each document 
  • Envelope size is limited to 35 meg
 Enter any filing comments to the clerk in the Filing Comments

Common reasons why files are rejected

The Val Verde County District Clerk’s Office returns some files that have been improperly submitted. When these files are returned, the DCO will notify you of the type of filing error that occurred. Filers should resubmit files after they have corrected the error. Please take a moment to review common errors:

Contact information: In the signature block, filers must include their contact information, including name, address, phone number and email address. Documents without signatures will be returned to filers.

No attorney signature: Signatures must be entered in accordance with the Supreme Court order. Files without the proper signature will be returned.

Incorrect filing code: Filers can limit their options by entering the wrong code. In addition, codes may determine fees. A wrong code may lead to over billing or under billing.

Incorrect agency or jurisdiction: Both the Val Verde County District Clerk’s Office and Val Verde County Clerk’s Office are subject to the Supreme Court mandate on e-filing. But the offices operate independently and cannot accept filings slated for the other office. If you file documents with the District Clerk’s Office that must be filed at the County Clerk’s Office, the files will be returned. If you file them in the wrong county, they also will be returned.

Insufficient payment: If your credit or debit card is rejected due to insufficient funds, the District Clerk’s Office will return the file and request that you use another card or form of payment.

Documents not separate: Filers may submit multiple documents in the same envelope as long as they are related to a single filing or case. But such documents must be separated within an envelope and cannot be grouped together in a large document. So within an envelope, filers may send, for instance, a lead document and exhibits, an order, correspondence and request for service that are related to the lead document. But all these items must be sent as separate documents within the envelope. The envelope will be returned if the documents are not separated.

Sealed files: If an order has been issued sealing a file while a party is pursuing a permanent sealing under Texas Rules of Civil Procedure 76a, a person trying to file additional documents will need to bring them to the District Clerk’s Office for processing. These documents cannot be filed electronically and will be returned.
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