Tax Assessor Collector’s Department

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2023 Tax Rate Calculation Worksheet-Taxing Units Other Than School Districts or Water Districts

2023 Tax Rate Calculation Worksheet-Taxing Units Other Than School Districts or Water Districts Farm To Market/Flood Control


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Responsibilities & Duties

Because of the wide range of responsibilities performed by the assessor-collector, most citizens deal with this county official more frequently than any other office.

The major tax duty of the assessor-collector, who collects property taxes, is the assessment (calculation) of taxes on each property in the county and collection of that tax as established by the Constitution and the State Property Tax Code. In addition, as an agent of the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles, the assessor-collector is responsible for the registration and licensing of motor vehicles owned by residents of the county.

Voter Registration

Another duty of the county tax assessor-collector is that of voter registrar. In most Texas counties, a person would register to vote through the office of county tax assessor-collector. In a few counties, the commissioners court has designated the county clerk or an elections administrator to provide this function. The county tax office voter registration responsibilities include accepting applications for voter registration, issuing voter certificates, maintaining voter registration lists, verifying petitions for local option elections and submitting required reports to the Secretary of State's Office.

Permit Fees

The county tax assessor-collector is also responsible for the collections of special fees imposed by the county and state on alcoholic beverage permits.

Taxing Entities

The Val Verde County Tax Office is responsible for the collection of taxes for the following taxing entities:

  • Comstock ISD
  • San Felipe Del Rio CISD
  • Val Verde County Farm to Market
  • Val Verde County Hospital District
  • City of Del Rio