What happens if I miss my appointment?
A miss appointment consist a violation of supervision. If you miss your appointment it is extremely important to contact your officer as soon as possible. Remember your officer is tight up and it is not you that they have in their caseload. Don’t just show up without an appointment.

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1. What is the difference between Probation and Community Supervision?
2. What is the difference between community supervision and parole?
3. What happen to people placed on supervision?
4. Does everyone qualify for supervision?
5. Who placed the defendant’s on supervision?
6. What is restitution?
7. Who may citizen’s contact or complaint about offenders on Supervision?
8. What is the website of registered sex offender in the state of Texas?
9. Who do I contact to report a new crime a probationer has committed?
10. How and where do I make payment?
11. What should I bring on my first Office Visit?
12. What happens if I miss my appointment?
13. What is not allowed in the office?
14. What is community Service?
15. How do I sign up for Community Service?
16. I am on probation for DWI or drugs and my conditions say I need to take an approved alcohol / drug education program within 180 days. What is this?
17. What is Deferred Adjudication?
18. How do I determine if my Driving privileges are suspended?
19. I need to prove to my Probation Officer proof I have a GED, high school diploma or a higher education degree but I cannot find it. Where do I obtain a copy?
20. How much community supervision does costs?
21. Can a Probation Officer carry a firearms?
22. How are my civil rights affected?
23. Can I get a copy of my criminal history or offense report from my officer?