Meeting Rooms

Large Conference Room

Large Conference Room

Our Large Conference Room (above) can fit groups of 50 - 60 people comfortably.

Small Conference Room

Small Conference Room

Our Small Conference Room can fit groups of 20-25 people comfortably. 

Conference Room Policy

Meeting rooms at the Val Verde County Library are primarily intended for Library and County programs and events. When the rooms are not occupied by the Library or other County Departments, they are available for limited use by other not for profit organizations at the discretion of the Library Director.

Please review our meeting room policy


All requests to reserve the meeting rooms must be made via email to:

The requests should include:

  • Date, time and duration of the event
  • Number of people expected to attend
  • Purpose of the event

Public use of the meeting rooms is limited to regular library hours:

M-TH: 10 am - 7 pm

Friday: 10 am - 6 pm

Saturday & Sunday: 1pm - 5 pm

Reservations will be accepted no more than two months in advance of the scheduled event. To provide fair access to all groups, reservations for reoccurring events will not be accepted.


Cancelations by the reservation holder should provide the Library with at least 48 hours advance notice. In the event that the Library or County require the use of the meeting rooms, the Library reserves the right to cancel outside reservations 72 hours’ prior to the scheduled event.

Use of Library Facilities Equipment

The Audio Visual (AV) equipment in the meeting rooms is available for use during scheduled meetings and events. It is the event coordinator's responsibility to make an appointment to familiarize themselves with the equipment ahead of time as library staff may not be available to provide assistance at the time of the scheduled event. 

  • Refreshments and kitchen access may be allowed only with the approval of the Library Director.
  • The rooms should be clean and unoccupied 15 minutes prior to closing. 
  • The person(s) reserving the meeting room will be responsible for any damages to the facilities.